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Freeasons help to build a better world through a unique and worthy process of building better men to live in it.  The Freemason Motto is:   "MAKING GOOD MEN BETTER"

Why Young Men Join the Freemasons

Freemasonry has been shrinking for a while, and lodges have been panicking. The Baby Boomers just didn’t join. But young men now are starting to rediscover Freemasonry. This new generation of Masons wants to associate with

Something ancient, mythical, or legendary

  • A group that has been the fraternity of the greatest of men for three centuries

  • A fraternity that's worldwide in its scope and universal in its welcoming of all faiths and all races

  • A local lodge that helps the family next door and the school down the street

  • A group that used to be at the forefront of issues that shaped this country and, arguably, was the crucible that gave birth to the revolution because the Freemasons were men of action and social conscience

  • A fraternity that claims as its members the most imaginative minds and the most successful of men


Often, the image of what these young men are looking for doesn't match what they find in the lodge down the street, and you can even argue that such an idealistic institution never really existed. But instead of leaving, these men are staying and starting to build the Masonry that suits their needs, just as their grandfathers did in the 1950s.

Why Join A Masonic Lodge?

Freemasonry is for people who wish to improve themselves spiritually, mentally and physically, as a parent and a friend, as a member of their community

Through participation in a Masonic Lodge, you are given an opportunity to learn the more important truths of morality, your relationship with your fellow man - and at the same time learning the perspective of others in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual support. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, or Jewish; black or white; rich or poor; all who gather within the doors of the Lodge are met on the Level as equals.

The fraternity has little or no material benefit. Yet behind the doors of Freemasonry is something greater than what money can buy: The chance to forge the strongest bonds of friendship that last a lifetime for the benefit of Humanity.

People have their own reasons why they enjoy Freemasonry. Many come for the brotherhood other for self-improvement. The following is a sample of some of the reasons given:

  • Achievement – progressing through the various offices in the Lodge to become Worshipful Master.

  • Brotherhood – making new friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, every background and age group.

  • Charity – being able to contribute to deserving causes, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

  • Education – learning from peers and mentors by practicing ritual and making short speeches.

  • Knowledge – finding out about the history and mysteries of Freemasonry.

  • Self improvement – making a contribution to your family and society.

If these characteristics describe how you lead your life or the life you wish to attain, then Freemasonry is for you.

Our fraternity has a wonderful and interesting history, which dates back more than three centuries. We strive to live to the highest moral and social standards, treating others as we would wish to be treated.


Who Can

Membership is open to men of every race, religion, culture, and income level. The basic requirements for membership are:

  • That you be a man over the age of 18 of good moral and social character.

  • You must profess a belief in a Supreme Being, though how you worship is up to you. We welcome virtually all religions and denominations.

  • Have resided in Illinois for at least six months.

  • Be able to read and write English.

Masonry is not for everyone, however. Its only promise is to provide a lifelong opportunity for good men to improve themselves, and those around them.

Interested in joining or have questions?

Tyrian Lodge No.333

1020 Rickard Rd

Springfield, IL62704

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