Tyrian Masonic Lodge History and Organization


 Tyrian Masonic Lodge was organized under dispensation in Springfield Illinois November tenth, 1859, and on the second day of October 1860, was constituted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, in the presence of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, as Tyrian Lodge No. 333, A. F. & A. M.  


While working under dispensation, five candidates were initiated. and four were passed and raised. Those raised were George R. Teasdale, William Billington, Walter C. Whitney and Peter M. Pitcher, all of whom joined in the petition for a charter, one. being installed as Junior Deacon. By August 31, 1865, this band of ten had grown to fifty-two.

Since that time Tyrian Lodge 333 has been active in the Illinois Freemasons, Grand Lodge of Illinois and has had thousands of members who have carried on the Masonic tradition.


The first officers installed were:

  • Worshipful Master - Orlin H. Miner

  • Senior Warden - Harman G. Reynolds

  • Junior Warden - Charles D. Coon

  • Treasurer - John S. Bradford

  • Secretary - Eugene L. Gross

  • Senior Deacon - R. D. Lawrence

  • Junior. Deacon - George R. Teasdale


Springfield Illinois' Tyrian Lodge No. 333 has been a working masonic lodge since 1860 and has a rich history in the community.


Our stated meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:30.


The meetings are held at:

121 E Main St, Rochester, IL 62563